Nigerian lady in tears as public marriage proposal to boyfriend turns disastrous (Video)

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a Nigerian lady found herself in tears after her surprise public marriage proposal to her boyfriend took an unexpected and disheartening twist.

A video capturing the unfortunate moment quickly went viral, leaving viewers shocked and empathetic towards the woman’s emotional ordeal.

In the viral footage, the lady can be seen on her knees, holding out an engagement ring while surrounded by a gathering crowd.

Instead of the anticipated joyous response, the young man reacted negatively, expressing his embarrassment and frustration at the unfolding scene.

Despite the pleas and interventions of onlookers, he continued to reject the proposal, disregarding the genuine emotions and hopes of his partner.

The atmosphere grew increasingly tense as the man vocalized his concerns, criticizing the lady for what he perceived as an act of public embarrassment.

Despite the crowd’s efforts to persuade him to accept the proposal or at least handle the situation with more compassion, he remained resolute in his refusal.

In a poignant moment, the lady pleaded with her partner to reconsider and accept her heartfelt proposal.

However, her desperate pleas fell on deaf ears as the man persisted in rejecting her, prolonging the woman’s anguish and humiliation.

The video abruptly ends, leaving viewers unsettled and empathetic towards the lady’s emotional distress.

See below;

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