Man slaps bride during church wedding (video)

A viral video captures the shocking moment a groom slapped his bride in front of their wedding guests on their wedding day.

The couple was taking their wedding vows before the officiating minister in the viral video when the groom leaned in to kiss his bride.

She, on the other hand, hesitated and refused to raise her head to receive his kiss. In front of the pastor and their wedding guests, the groom slapped the bride rashly.

The video has since sparked widespread outrage online, with netizens condemning the groom for assaulting his bride at their wedding.

Some claim that the officiating minister instructed the groom to slap his bride in order to test her endurance level.

See how some reacted below,

@vivianfelix wrote, “Even if it’s joke, play, skit, cruise… i will save our faces and patiently wait for the wedding to finish, oga i dey go my papa house😢”

@miriam.jacob wrote, “Na there and then I go divorce, but I’m sure she has seen the red flag before now🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ some of them love it though like this.”

@xojeme wrote, “Very soon she’d come and start showing us videos of her blue and black eyes on Instagram. All the signs dey show now but na till you don almost die before you go gree comot. Hope they don’t bring kids into this nonsense, if she wants to suffer let her suffer alone”

Another IG user wrote, “Na the pastor say make him slap else why they all laughed afterwards”

Watch the video below,.

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