18-year-old girl causes a stir after revealing she has 15 body count (video)

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A young Nigerian lady has caused a huge stir on social media after she revealed the alarming number of men she has slept with.

The 18-year-old girl, identified simply as Bright, revealed in an interview with a content creator that she has had 15 sexual partners so far.

A video making rounds online shows the lady and her two friends being interviewed by the poolside where they went to have fun.

The other ladies, aged 19 and 17, who admitted that they are also not virgins, said they have eight and seven body counts respectively.

When asked what they would like if their requests were to be granted, Bright expressed her desire for a Samsung Galaxy S7, while the other two ladies stated that they would like an iPhone and a car.

The video has since gone viral online and sparked a barrage of criticisms on social media, with many berating the secondary school graduates for their shocking sexual experiences.

@iam_temmy wrote, “Somebody’s future wife has 15 body counts at age 18. When she is 27, only God knows what it’d be.”

@northerner0 wrote, “Their body count is beyond 5 men each at the age of 19,17 and 18. But when a Hausa/Fulani girl is getting married at that same range of age is child abuse, hypocrites! If the body count is up to that numbers? Only God knows numbers of abortions….”

However, some netizens opined that the ladies might not have understood the meaning of “body count” and just gave random numbers.

@fowobioflagos wrote, “Don’t get it twisted these girls might not know the meaning of “body count” so think about it before you yarn rubbish from your mouth.”

Watch the interview below,

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