May Yul Edochie Begins Divorce Proceedings Against Her Husband, Yul Edochie

May, the first wife of Nollywood star Yul Edochie, has reportedly filed for divorce from him.

According to sources, on July 10, May and her legal agent appeared in court to file a petition for the dissolution of their 18-year marriage.

Yul, on the other hand, is believed to have avoided being served with the appropriate documents.

The couple’s main source of contention originates from Yul’s decision to marry actress Judy Austin as his second wife.

Yul formally announced the birth of his son with Judy and their following marriage in April 2022.

May has continuously declared her opposition to Yul’s marriage to Judy, claiming that her marriage was previously secure and loving before these unexpected events.

She is adamant that polygamy is a personal choice, and while she recognises that certain religions and traditions allow it, she refuses to be bullied into accepting a practise that contradicts her own faith and family values.

Remember that Yul has recently suffered major controversy on social media for what some perceive to be his rapid recovery following the sudden death of his first kid with May, Kambilichukwu, in March.

Critics argue that the frequent sharing of videos featuring Yul and Judy spending time together suggests that he has moved on too quickly.

They believe he has not adequately mourned the loss of his son to warrant such “happy videos” of himself and Judy being posted online.

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