“I underwent surgery because Lil Wayne used to joke about my body” – Nicki Minaj reveals (Video)

American rapper Nicki Minaj has stated that she underwent cosmetic surgery as a result of rap celebrity, Lil Wayne making her feel inferior.

She recalled how the ‘A Milli’ crooner used to make fun of her when she was younger because she didn’t have a luscious backside like the girls he usually invites into the studio.

Nicki Minaj shared her story during an episode of The Joe Budden podcast where she revealed why she got a BBL.

However, the 40-year-old expressed guilt over having caved to outside pressure to have surgery in order to feel complete.

She claimed that each time Wayne brought a different endowed lady to the studio, they frequently discussed their bodies, which made her feel out of place.

According to her, the reason it hurt her was because the jokes came from Lil Wayne, who is someone she looked up to when she was just coming up in the industry.

Nicki claimed that she was led to believe that the Hip Hop culture expected women to have large busts and curvy bodies.

She stated that even though Wayne was just teasing her, she took it seriously but he was unaware that what he said bothered her and had an impact on her decision.

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