Drake express disappointment over vape throwing incident

Drake Calls Out Fan for Throwing Vape at Him on Stage in Brooklyn: ‘You Got Some Real Life Evaluating to Do’

Drake retaliated against a fan who tossed an electronic device at him during a live concert performance.

Drake turned to TikTok to respond to the event, posting a video in which he expressed his sadness that the fan who hurled an object at him was not taking his life seriously.

The indoor arena’s official social media page posted the TikTok clip. The post was captioned, “Remember: You can not vape inside Barclays Center.”

In the video, Drake said, “Did you throw a vape up here? Come on. Who threw this? There’s no way you take life seriously if you think I’m picking this vape up and vaping with you at the f—king Barclays Center.

According to US Weekly, the 36-year-old rapper stated, “Rather than throwing off f–king mint vape on stage, the fan needed to do some real-life evaluating.”

The artist is on his All a Blur tour and has been routinely targeted by concertgoers who throw objects at him.

When a fan threw a mobile phone towards him on opening night, Drake told the crowd, “I am deeply disappointed because this is the first stage where I don’t have no bras.”

Drake is the most recent artist to dodge objects during a concert. Harry Styles was smacked in the eye, while Taylor Swift was scared on stage with friendship bracelets.

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