American singer, Swae Lee reveals he is partly Nigerian

American singer, Swae Lee reveals he is partly Nigerian.

Swae Lee, an American musician and one half of the hip hop band Rae Sremmurd, has claimed that he is partially Nigerian.

The rapper revealed this while explaining why he affixed the Nigerian flag to a tweet announcing his participation in the South African genre, Amapiano wave.

Swae Lee took to Twitter to declare that he will be experimenting with the popular South African genre Amapiano, but he included a Nigerian flag in the tweet, which irritated South Africans.

“Wait till y’all hear Swae Lee on Amapiano,” he wrote with a Nigerian flag emoji at the end.

Outraged South Africans took to the comments section to accuse Swae Lee of slandering their country, misrepresenting the origins of Amapiano, and incorrectly crediting Nigeria.

Swae Lee, on the other hand, acknowledged in subsequent tweets that his initial remark was misconstrued.

He added the Nigerian flag because he is half Nigerian, he claims.

He wrote, “For the ones outraged about the flag, I put it because I’m partly Nigerian. I didn’t say anything about the creation of the genre y’all tweaking.”

Swae Lee added: “Bigs up to the South Africans for creating this beautiful sh*t.”

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