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In this article, we will explore Sunny Neji Biography. Born on October 24th, 1965, Neji is a highly talented Nigerian singer. He spent his early years as the youngest of five children, consisting of three boys and two girls, and completed his primary education between 1972 and 1978 in Ogoja, Cross River State, his hometown.

Following this, he attended Government College Ikorodu, Lagos, where he completed his secondary education in 1984. Neji later went on to study Fashion Design at Yaba College of Technology.

Neji’s music career has been highly successful, with many of his songs gaining widespread popularity and becoming trending hits online. His works have amassed millions of streams and downloads on various platforms such as Boomplay.

  • FULL NAME: Sunny Neji
  • DATE OF BIRTH: October 24, 1965
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Ogoja, Cross River State
  • PARENT: Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Neji
  • OCCUPATION: Singer


Sunny Neji completed his secondary education at Government College, Ikorodu, Lagos in 1984. He then went on to attend Yaba College of Technology, where he obtained a Diploma in fashion design.

Although he had a formal education in fashion design, Sunny Neji’s passion for music started at an early age. He was greatly influenced by his parents’ love for music and his father’s collection of classic records. As a child, he participated in cultural performances and steadily developed his talent.

By 1987, Sunny Neji had taken his music career to the next level by venturing into recording. He quickly gained a reputation in the jungle production scene.

In 1991, he released his debut album, “Captain,” under EMI. Despite its lack of success, Sunny Neji remained undaunted.

He later joined Colours Band, where he performed as the lead singer for five years, and this helped him to gain more recognition in the mainstream music scene.



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Sunny Neji’s music career traces back to his childhood, where he was exposed to music through his parents’ love for music and his father’s collection of classic records.

This early exposure fueled his passion for music, and he started writing, playing, performing, and recording music at a young age.

In 1991, Sunny Neji released his debut album titled “Captain,” which marked the beginning of his music career. He later joined the Colours Band and recorded his hit album, Mr. Fantastic. The album was a success in the market, and it paved the way for his subsequent releases.

Sunny Neji has released several hit albums, including Roforofo in 2000 and Unchained in 2003, which remains his most significant album to date.

In addition to his music career, he also worked on TV and radio productions, commercials, and jingles between 1991 and 1997, which prepared him for the release of Mr. Fantastic.

Today, Sunny Neji is a respected musician and songwriter, and his music has gained popularity both locally and internationally. He continues to write and record music, and his contributions to the Nigerian music industry have earned him numerous awards and accolades.


Sunny Neji has achieved remarkable success in his music career and has been recognized with numerous nominations and awards. One of his notable achievements was winning the Best African Male Artiste category after being nominated in the Bundles of Joy Awards.

In addition to this, he has also won multiple KORA Awards, which have challenged him to continuously improve and strive for more.

The KORA Awards are known for honoring outstanding African musicians and Sunny Neji’s multiple wins attest to his exceptional talent and hard work.

His success has also inspired him to aim higher and work towards winning even more KORA awards and ultimately, the prestigious Grammy Award.Fans can keep up with Sunny Neji’s latest songs and information by following him on Boomplay.



  1. Captain (1991)
  2. Mr. Fantastic (1993)
  3. The Prince (1996)
  4. The Return of the Prince (1999)
  5. Unchained (2003)
  6. Off da Hook (2007)
  7. Timeless (2013)


  1. Tolotolo (1993)
  2. Face Me (1998)
  3. Still the Only One (2000)
  4. Oruka (2014)

Collaboration albums:

  1. Good to Go with P-Square (2009)


  1. “Happy Birthday” (2005)
  2. “Pray” (2016)
  3. “Aeroplane Turner” (2018)
  4. “Talk About Me” (2019)
  5. “Ikebe” (2020)
  6. “Oghene Tega” (2021)
  7. “Nwayo Nwayo” (2021).

Social Media Handles

  • Instagram: @sunnyneji
  • Twitter: @sunnyneji
  • Facebook: @sunnyneji



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