Nini Bbn Biography

Anita Singh popularly know as Nini, Nigerian fashion entrepreneur, economist, and entertainer, is quickly gaining popularity.

She is most recognized for being a participant on the Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye edition, a renowned African reality TV show.

This article will provide a biography of Anita Singh, including information about her early life, career beginnings, net worth, and lesser-known facts. Let’s begin by exploring her early life.

Nini Biography

Full name: Anita Singh

Date of birth: 16 May 1995

Place of birth: Auchi, Edo State,

State of origin: Edo State

Nationality: Nigerian

Ethnicity: Mixed

Occupation: Television personality, model, social media influencer, fashion entrepreneur, economist.

Early Life

Nini, the up-and-coming Nigerian fashion entrepreneur, entertainer, and reality TV star, was born in Nigeria in 1994 to Mr. and Mrs. Singh.

An Edo State native, Anita Singh was born in the early 1990s and is of Yoruba ethnicity, Nigerian nationality, and Christian faith.

Although her primary and secondary education details remain undisclosed, it is publicly known that Anita is a graduate of the esteemed University of Abuja, also known as Uniabuja.


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Before Nini became a reality TV star and entertainer, she was already a successful fashion entrepreneur and economist.

Anita Singh was thriving in her career as a goal-oriented fashion entrepreneur and economist based in Abuja prior to being selected as a housemate on the sixth season of the popular reality TV show, Shine Ya Eye.

Her talent and potential have now been brought to the forefront as she graces our screens.

Nini Mixed Ethnicity

It has been reported that Nini, the Nigerian fashion entrepreneur and reality TV star, is of mixed ethnicity. While her father is said to be of Indian descent, her mother is of Nigerian Yoruba ethnicity.

Nini’s mixed heritage adds to the diversity of the Nigerian cultural landscape, highlighting the rich blend of cultures and backgrounds that make up the country’s dynamic population.

As a public figure, Nini’s background and heritage may serve as an inspiration for others who come from mixed backgrounds and who may feel underrepresented in mainstream media.

Her success in the fashion industry and on reality TV demonstrates that one’s ethnic background should not limit their potential, but rather be celebrated as a unique aspect of their identity.

It is important to recognize and embrace the diversity of backgrounds and cultures that make up our communities, and Nini’s mixed heritage is a shining example of this diversity in action.


According to Anita Singh herself, she has expressed a fondness for several hobbies including cleaning, cooking, traveling, and photography.

Her love for these activities showcases a diverse range of interests and talents, adding depth to her already impressive repertoire as a successful entrepreneur and reality TV star.


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Net worth

Nini, the Nigerian fashion entrepreneur, is rumored to have a net worth between $100,000 and $350,000, but this information is unverified and therefore not reliable.

Her primary sources of income are her entrepreneurial pursuits and brand endorsements.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: @singhniniofficial

Twitter: @Niniofficiall



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