Molly Awele Biography: Sex Tape, Family, Age, Education, Career, Personal Life

Molly Awele is a 23-year-old Nigerian social media personality. She is a popular TikToker & is also linked to modeling.


Molly Awele has been trending online in recent days, after multiple explicit videos featuring her were leaked. In these leaked tapes, Molly Awele could be seen engaging in sexual activities; solo & with an unidentified male.

 Molly Awele is yet to make any comment on her leaked sex tapes at the time of the this writing.


Who is Molly Awele? (Molly Awele Biography)


Family, Education, Age

Molly Awele was born in 2000, & is currently 23 years old. There is no information on her birth place, but it is believed to be in the southwest of Nigeria, where she hails from. She is Yoruba by tribe & a Christian.

There is no information on her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Awele, but they are alive & well. There is also no substantial information about her educational background, but it is obvious that Miss Awele had acquired some form of education



Molly Awele is a rising internet personality. In 2020, she quickly rose to fame on the video sharing social media, TikTok, due to her scintillating contents circling around fashion & lifestyle. The 23-year-old has since then amassed thousands of followers on her social media accounts.

Beyond her online presence, Molly Awele also embraces a modeling career. Her striking looks have led to collaborations with esteemed brands like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Things. Additionally, Awele champions empowerment as a spokesperson for the Dove Self-Esteem Project, using her influence to inspire others to embrace their innate beauty.


Personal Life

After conducting an extensive search, there is nothing much to unravel about Molly Awele’s personal life. The social media personality has kept her romance life private, so it is unsure if she is currently in a relationship or not. 

After her explicit tapes were leaked online, Molly Awele has since been at the top of trending topics. On August 29, multiple x-rated tapes of Miss Awele were uploaded online, attracting the attention of thousands on Twitter, Instagram & TikTok.


Net Worth

The TikTok star has a growing net worth which is currently around $1000. This substantial financial success can be attributed to her lucrative social media earnings and the various endorsements and sponsorships she receives.

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