Kenyan Celebrity Shakilla Tiffany Biography (Family, Education, Age, Networth)

Shakilla Tiffany is a Kenyan social media personality, born in January, 2000.

Tiffany amassed fame, following an Instagram live broadcast with popular Kenyan vlogger, Xtian Della.


Family, Place of Birth & Age

Shakilla Tiffany was born on 1st January, 2023. She is currently 23 years old. She was born into a family of three children, in Nairobi’s Jamhiru estate.

Growing up, Tiffany’s parents had banned her from owning a phone. She saved up enough & bought a phone, but could only use it at night, when her parents had gone to bed.

In an interview, Shakilla revealed that she prefers her mother to her father. She explained that her father is very strict & severe.



Shakilla Tiffany had an education. The Kenyan celebrity studied Networking and Web Development. 



With a successful career in being a Kenyan socialite, Shakilla Tiffany has a growing networth of $35, 920.


Social Media

Instagram @i.am_shakilla


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